Market Street Law

  • Digital Marketing

Market Street Law posse'd up with Code Cowboy to launch a class action lawsuit against TVA. Our mission was to create a digital and print ad campaign to sign on new clients.

1. Problem

Situational Analysis:
Eleven years ago, a dike ruptured at a TVA power plant near Kingston, Tennessee — pouring more than a billion gallons of toxic coal ash into the Emory River. It was the largest fly ash release in United States history.

Target Audience:
Residents and workers in Roane County. Specifically those living in Kingston and the surrounding area from 2008 through the present.

Ailments — which range from cancers to blood, heart, lung, neurological and skin diseases to chronic breathing sicknesses — are caused by the constituents of coal ash.

2. Solution

Our research found that 60% of our target audience didn't have home internet but nearly all had smartphones and were very active on Facebook.

We recommended testing various messages via Facebook & banner ads before committing to larger and more expensive print ads. We used A/B testing to help us make informed decisions on which messaging we should commit to in print.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):
Ad Clicks, Form Submissions, and Phone Calls.

Animated Banners & Facebook Ads

Landing Page

3. Results

Our three month campaign did better than anyone expected. Within the first couple of days we were getting hundreds of quality leads. By the end of our campaign, our average cost per click (CPC) was one-third the industry average. We signed up more than enough clients and did it all with a very affordable budget.

  • $10,000Ad Spend Per Month
  • 5,321Email & Phone Leads
  • $10.00Avg. Cost Per Lead